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Your PrePA Mentor- Megan Tetlow, PA-C

The Expat Physician Associate

Hello! Congratulations on your decision to to become a PA and on your willingness to invest in yourself to make that dream possible!

My name is Megan Tetlow, and I am proud to be a PA-C for the past 13 years. I love our profession and love helping students on their journey to becoming PAs. I am an experienced PrePA mentor, medical writer & editor, and PA admissions expert.

A bit about my background- I graduated magna cum laude from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill with a Bachelor of Science in Psychology and an honors thesis in biopsychology. I gained patient care experience as an EMT, a CNA, a home health aide, and a medical assistant. I then attended PA school at Nova Southeastern University in Fort Myers, Florida, graduating with honors. I began my PA career in gynecology and have remained a full-time clinically practicing PA in surgical specialties. I have also taught at two PA programs and been extensively involved with PA admission selection.

When I'm not helping PrePA students, you can find me in the OR working as a colorectal surgery PA. I have a love of international healthcare and for expanding our profession worldwide. I have personally practiced as a PA in the US, England, and Scotland. I have always also had a love of writing. That love led to me to become a contributing editor for the New England Journal of Medicine blog for PAs In Practice.

Now, I use my experience to help you navigate the PA admissions process and curate your amazing and unique story into your best possible application for PA school. 

You deserve to achieve your dream of becoming a physician associate, and I am so excited to help you along the way!

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