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Letter of Recommendation Template: PA (or MD/DO/NP) you have shadowed

Letter of Recommendation Template: PA (or MD/DO/NP) you have shadowed

POV: You're applying to PA school. You've been shadowing this practicing PA for a while now and have gained so much valuable information about their specialty and what it will be like to work as a PA in the future. You get up the nerve to ask them to write you a recommendation letter for your PA school application. They agree- fabulous, what a relief! But then... "I'm really busy, so if you could write the letter and send it to me, that would be great..." Well damn, not only do you not have ANY time to write yet another document for CASPA, you are at a complete loss for what to say, how to say it, and how to sell yourself without being cringey.

Don't worry, I'm here to help!


The PA school/CASPA admissions process is very competitive and letters of recommendation (also known as Evaluations in CASPA ) are a great way to elevate your application. The difficulty is knowing where to start and what to include. So I have made these template letters to be your go-to guide!

I'm an experienced practicing PA, PA Preceptor, PrePA mentor, and PA school admissions expert. I always recommend PA students obtain at least 1 letter of recommendation from a practicing PA, and if you don't work alongside PAs in your patient care job, a PA you have shadowed is a great option!

In a perfect world, you would ask the PA for a recommendation letter for your  application and be done, but unfortunately, that is rarely the case. Practicing healthcare providers are very busy people, so is extremely common for a recommendation letter writer to ask you to write the letter for them to review and sign. The difficulty is you've likely never written a recommendation letter and aren't sure what to include and how to speak about yourself in a way that sells your readiness to enter training to become a PA and your personal attributes without appearing too boastful and in a way that will impress the PA school of your dreams!

That is why I have created these Letter of Recommendation templates for your physician assistant school applicant. Simply personalize them and you will have a fantastic letter of recommendation from a professor ready to be sent to your letter writer in 5 minutes flat!

These templates are a great way to complete your recommendation letters in a timely manner so you can focus on more time-intensive aspects of your application, such as your personal statement and experience descriptions.

And as a FREE BONUS, you will also get my 2-page guide on how to get the most out of your recommendation letters, including who you should ask and why. 

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